Using Keyword Discovery

How do you use Keyword Discovery?

Keyword Discovery lets you quickly input a seed keyword and generate hundreds of related and similar terms using different sources such as Google autocomplete, Quora, People Also Asked, etc.

These keywords can then be easily put back through our clustering algorithm, so you know which pages and how many pages you need to create to cover a topic comprehensively. All without leaving Keyword Insights.

How do you use Keyword Discovery?

Start with your Seed keyword. Type your keyword and select location and language. Click search.

After a few seconds, we will bring you thousands of relevant keywords for your seed term.

With the seed keyword search, you'll land on the overview page, designed to provide valuable keyword insights and SERP intelligence.

This helps you assess whether the topic is worth pursuing. Within this section, you can gauge the keyword's competitiveness and trending patterns. It's your go-to place for making informed decisions about your content strategy.

  1. Keyword list: This shows you all the related keywords for your seed term.

  2. Keyword Google trend: This shows the Google trends data for the seed term.

  3. Live SERP preview: This shows a real-time render of the actual SERPs for the seed term.

The next step is to view all the keywords. Click the "View All Keywords' button to see the keyword list.

This is your keyword results view. You can switch between different sources such as Google Autocomplete, Quora, PAA, etc.

You can quickly get the search volume of your keywords, as well as CPC, competition, and trend data. You can use credits for this data. Each keyword costs a single credit.

Click the "Get search volume" button to quickly get search volume data for all the keywords.

Now, you can cluster keywords.

To cluster the keywords, click the "Cluster keywords" button.

Select your settings and click 'Cluster'

Once the clustering is completed, you will get an email and you can find it under projects.

We recommend you clean/filter your keywords before you get this data.

We recommend you apply filters to fine-tune the results

Use this option to apply filters manually. Click 'Filters'

Please note that filters can only be applied from the "All Keywords" tab.

What do I do after using Keyword Discovery?

The next step is to cluster the keywords. This can be done easily with a click of a button.

After your keyword selection, click the "Cluster" button.

Fill in the details and submit your project for clustering.

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