Keyword Insights Tool Workflow

Discover our user-friendly workflow, designed to simplify your experience with our tool. At Keyword Insights, we stand out by connecting all aspects of content optimization, from keyword research to content creation and publishing. Our tool offers a comprehensive and interconnected set of features that will guide you throughout the entire content marketing journey.

Our workflow streamlines content optimization, eliminating the need for disjointed tools and bridging the gaps between each stage. From thorough keyword research to generating compelling content ideas, optimizing your writing, and publishing, our tool seamlessly guides you at every step.

While our workflow is considered the best option, you have the flexibility to use each feature independently, starting wherever you need to.

Keyword insights tool workflow explained

Step 1: Find keyword ideas

Generate keyword ideas with keyword discovery. Use our tool to generate thousands of keywords around a specific topic. Keywords are the starting point for any successful content creation strategy.

Step 2: Cluster keywords

Make sense of the keywords by grouping them together into topical clusters. Our machine learning model helps you identify search intent, making it easier to create content that users want.

Step 3: Create content briefs

Move your content ideas from clusters to our briefs generator. Utilize sources such as real-time SERPs, Reddit, Quora, and more, to create a comprehensive and unique brief that covers all angles of the topic.

Step 4: Write and optimize content

Write content with our AI writing assistant. Use previous briefs and optimize with topics, clusters, links, and more. Edit and enhance the content with our built-in AI detection tool to ensure uniqueness.

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