SERP Similarity

SERP Similarity Checker will quickly show you the overlap between two keywords in the SERPs and tell you whether you should create a new page or can target multiple keywords with a single page.

This is a quick way to check if two keywords without having to use our keyword clustering module.

This insight will allow you to assemble content briefs faster and more efficiently.

What is the SERP Similarity checker?

When working in SEO, you often encounter a situation where you quickly want to know whether you can rank two similar keywords on a single page or need to create a separate article.

The way to answer this question is to manually check the SERPs (Search engine results pages) to see how many common URLs rank for each keyword.

If we see a large number of similar pages ranking for both keywords, we can assume that both keywords can be targeted on a single page, and if we see a few common URLs, then we can assume these keywords need separate pages.

Here is an example.

In this example, there are 2 common URLs for the keywords "crm tool" and "crm software"

This tells you that these keywords are likely better off targeted using two separate pages.

How do I use the SERP Similarity Checker?

To use the SERP Similarity checker, Head to the tools and click the link.

  1. Give your project a name.

  2. Enter your keywords here. You can add up to 6 keywords. (Depending on your subscription)

  3. Select your location.

  4. Select your language.

  5. Click "Check Similarity"

You can also run bulk similarity checks. To do this, click "Add keyword set" to open a new window where you can put a different similarity-checking job. You can run up to 6 sets.

The results will be displayed as a visualization.

  1. You can switch between different sets.

  2. You can see SERP overlap between the keywords by turning the checkbox on and off.

  3. This is where the common URLs are displayed.

  4. This is where the overlap is visualized in a table format.

  5. You can take a screenshot by pressing this button.

What is the difference between the free, lite, and pro versions?

The SERP similarity checker has 3 different versions. Depending on your subscription, you can get the tool's free, lite, or pro version. The lite and pro versions have more features and searches per day.

Feature comparison table


Searches per day




Keywords overlap




Priority processing

Multi-location support

SERP Similarity shift (soon)

White labeled branding

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