Google Search Console

How to build keyword lists using Google search console

First, you need to access your search console account by going to

Note: You need to verify your search console property to gain access or must have access to a pre-verified account.

Select the correct web property and click "ยด'Search results'

You will see all the keywords the website is ranking for listed here.

  1. Date range - Google provides 16 months of data.

  2. Queries - All the keywords.

  3. Export button.

You can click 'Export' and download your CSV file.

To get more specific keyword data, you need to apply filters.

In this example, To find all the keywords a particular blog post ranking for.

To do this, click the + sign to bring up the filter popup.

Now click 'Page', Input your blog URL.

Change the filter to 'Exact URL'

Note: You can apply Regex and filter combinations to manipulate your data.

  1. Your applied filter.

  2. Filtered keywords based on the search criteria.

Download your CSV file, and you will get all your keywords.

But, you will not get the monthly search volume from the search console.

There are several ways to get this.

  1. Google keyword planner (Free - But requires a paying Google Ad account)

  2. Semrush/Ahrefs subscription.

  3. Keyword everywhere subscription.

How to get monthly search volume data using the Google keyword planner.

First, we must copy all the keywords downloaded from the Google search console. Do this by opening the file with Excel/Google sheets.

Go to Google ads keyword planner (Refer to this tutorial on how to access keyword planner)

Click 'Get search volume and forecasts'

Paste your keywords or upload the CSV file.

Click 'Get started'

You will get monthly search volume for your keywords.

Note: Not every keyword you upload will get a search volume result.

Now we need to export this data. The next step is important.

Click the download icon and be sure to select CSV under 'Plan historical metrics'

Now go ahead and upload the file to Keyword insights. ๐Ÿ‘

How to get monthly search volume data using the Semrush/Ahrefs

Login to your paid Semrush account.

Navigate to 'Keyword Manager'

Give your keyword list a name, Click 'Create list', Once created, click the list name.

Click the 'Add keywords" button on the top. You can only add 1000 keywords per list.

Select the country and click 'Add keywords'

  1. Your uploaded keywords.

  2. Monthly average search volume.

  3. Filters to further narrow your keywords.

  4. Export button.

Click the export button to download the keywords with search volume.

Now go ahead and upload the file to Keyword insights. ๐Ÿ‘

How to get monthly search volume data using Keyword Everywhere.

Keyword Everywhere is an affordable tool which enables you to extract metrics such as search volume.

The tool is credit based and well-priced. ($10 for 100k credits)

Once you have a paying account, you need to download and install the extension.

Launch the extension and click 'Bulk Keywords Data'

Now, paste your GSC keywords in the box and click 'Get metrics'

Your results will be displayed in a table format.

You can see the monthly search volume assigned to your search console keywords. You can apply filters as necessary to narrow down your search and download your CSV/excel file.

Now go ahead and upload the file to Keyword insights. ๐Ÿ‘

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