SERP Explorer

Instantly check live SERPs with our Free SERP Checker.

Our free SERP checker allows you to check the Search Engine Result pages quickly using different devices and from different locations. Get ready to ditch your costly VPNs.

What is the SERP Explorer?

Our SERP Explorer allows you to perform live checks on the SERPs. It lets you see search engine results from any location without a VPN or web proxies.

Google search results are affected by many parameters, including location, session, language, device etc. Our technology uses geo-specific servers and proxies to emulate Google search results for users without paying for a VPN or setting up complicated proxies.

How do I use the SERP Explorer?

To use the SERP Explorer, Head to the tools and click the link.

Fill in all the information.

  1. The keyword you want to search for.

  2. Search location.

  3. Type of search, You can perform web, images, news, shopping, and video searches.

  4. Number of search results. You can choose between 10, 50 or 100.

  5. Search language.

  6. Device type. You can select between mobile, tablet or desktop.

  7. Click the "Explore" button to perform the search.

The results are shown as a live preview.

What is the difference between the free, lite, and pro versions?

The SERP Explorer has 3 different versions. Depending on your subscription, you can get the tool's free, lite, or pro versions. The lite and pro versions have more features and searches per day.

Feature comparison table


Searches per day




Device select


Desktop, mobile

Desktop, mobile and tablet

Types of search

Web search

Web, Image, Video, News

Web, Image, Video, News, Shopping

No of SERP results




Search History

Priority processing

White labeled branding

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