Credits Explained

Credits are a universal currency in our platform.

You can use your credits on any module/app within our platform.
Monthly subscription - You get X amount of credit per month; You can use your monthly quota as you wish. At the end of your billing cycle, any remaining credits will be reset, and a fresh set of credits will be added. Example: $49/mo - You get 6000 credits. You can either cluster 6000 keywords, Do 12000 keyword discovery searches or build 60 briefs. You can use the credits per your need within that month. You can mix and match any of these options. So it's a more flexible approach. Pay as you go - X amount of credits which never expire; use them on any feature.

What are the different credit usage for various apps within Keyword insights?

The number of required credits depends on the insights you choose and the number of keywords you upload.
You have four insights.
  1. 1.
    Keyword clustering
  2. 2.
    Keyword intent/Context
  3. 3.
    Rank tracking
  4. 4.
    Title AI
You can choose one or multiple insights, and each insight will cost you 1 credit. Any two insights will cost you 1.5 credits, and all three insights will cost you 2 credits per keyword.
The only exception here is the Title AI feature. Because we use OpenAI for this feature and it is being expensive, it will cost you 2 credits per keyword to use Title AI.
So, if you choose all four insights (Including Title AI), it will cost you 4 credits per keyword. Example 1: If you upload 5000 keywords and select clustering only, you will require 5000 credits. If you select all three insights, you will need 10000 credits.
Example 2: If you upload 5000 keywords and select all four insights, you will require 20,000 credits.

What is the credit usage for Keyword Discovery and Briefs?

Each Keyword discovery search will cost you 0.2 credits.
Each content brief will cost you 100 credits.

What is the credit usage for the SERP similarity checker?

SERP Similarity checker is free, and we provide unlimited runs. However, you will be asked to add a credit card to prevent abuse. You will not be charged.